Savory a la carte

These are just suggestions, we can work together to plan the perfect Savory for your occasion!

Phyllo log 

Asparagus & gruyere or cheddar

Spinach & ricotta + artichoke hearts or broccoli

Quiche/ tart (oven baked pastry with filling) Mushrooms & shallots & gruyere cheese

Corn & leek with cheddar cheese

Artichoke hearts & leeks with jack cheese

Zucchini lattice with tomato & cheddar cheese

Torta  (vegetable pie encased in flaky pastry crust)


Artichoke hearts, ricotta & parmesan

Spinach & ricotta Zucchini lattice lasagne 

Wide, flat pasta layered with alternating layers of homemade tomato sauce, homemade bechamel and oven roasted/ panko dipped zucchini sprinkled with asiago cheese (topped with decorative zucchini lattice)

Macaroni & cheese

Homemade bechamel and cheddar cheese mixed into bowtie pasta or orrechette and topped with panko

Homemade flaky pastry cup filled with creamy Mac-n-cheese 


Harvest Galette: 

Flaky pastry filled with seasoned ricotta, topped with artfully arranged oven roasted tomatoes, artichoke hearts, zucchini & plum tomatoes


Black bean & cheddar

Spinach/ricotta & parmesan

Corn & fire roasted peppers


Homemade Salsa